( Licensed by the govt. of India Plant Protection, Quarantine and storage and govt. of raj.)

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Termites-pest-ControlTermites are often called the silent destroyers as they may be recretly thriving is your home without showing any signs of damage, Termites have destructive effects on wood structures and construction.

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Our buildings are ideal for cockroaches as they provides food, water, warmth and shelter
Cockroaches can ……

Spread diseases by transporting..

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Rats Rodents

Our building are ideal for rats and mice as they provide food warmth and shelter you may notice rats more in the cooler months.

Rats and mice can ….

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Established in the year 2006, we Ganpati Pest Control Services are one of the leading pest control services in rajasthan. Licensed by the government of India Plant Protection, Quarantine and storage and government of rajasthan, we are engaged in providing effective and eco friendly services. We have a team of highly qualified trained professionals, who have a vast experience and expertise which enables them to provide quality pest control services. Various renowned organizations and famous hotels including “The Taj Group of Hotels” are associated with us.

Services offerings :-
a)Pre Construction Chemical Treatment :Termite Treatment in pre construction stages includes several procedures that must be done to ensure and area of termite free construction.
Treating the soil (before any slab placements ) with insecticides is the most common method of termite treatment as it forms a barrier between ground slab and masonry that will prevent the insects to approach the building
Chemical treatment is done as follows : bottom and sides of excavation must be treated with chemical products before starting foundation work.
Make holes in the earth where construction will take place and fill them with chemical products, especially where walls and floors intersect.
Perimeter of the construction to be treated by making holes filled with chemical all around the structure. We use specific anti-termite chemical to treat the portion of the buildings where wooden products such as cabinets, doors etc will be placed.

Cockroaches can …...
Spread diseases by transporting bacteria and organisms from swerve and unsanitary sources to food and utensils.
Seriously harm the reputation of a business and cause huge loss of goodwill.
Contaminate food with their droppings, their dead casts (outer skeleton) discarded cockroach egg cases and even dead cockroaches and vomit marks.
Cause unpleasant odor due to secretions.
What we do : Inspect the area
Apply gel to the infected area
Spray chemical

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