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Mosquitoes :
Mosquito bites can result in allergic reactions, producing significant discomfort and itching. Mosquitoes may transmit disease such as Dengue, Yellow fever, Malaria to humans. Mosquitoes borne encephalitis is a viral inflammation of the brain.


Chemical control

Fogging method :- This is a way of chasing the adult flying mosquitoes from the human habitat during the dark hours outdoor fogging will keep mosquitoes away for several hours but ones the chemical dissipates the mosquitoes return.

Spraying Method :- spraying of chemicals on shrubs etc along the perimeter of your yard and in door helps reduce the population of mosquitoes that rest in these areas.
It must be repeated frequently to intercept new mosquitoes moving into the area.

Prevention :-

  • Controlling the mosquito breeding sites that are is close proximity to your home.
  • Water management to prevent mosquitoes breeding is essential for control eggs do not hatch unless they are in water.
  • Remove old tyres, buckets, tin cars broken toys and other water catching devices.
  • Here should be no stagnant water.